Davis Math Squared Learning Center




Concepts & Applications

•Multiplucation is a powerful Tool
•The Relationship between area and multiplication
•Distributive property of muliplication
•Apply concept of Distributive
•Extend to the Future

Establishing the Concept of Addition
•Basic Concepts (adding together)
•Basic Concept (counting up)
•Base 10 Carry over concept
•Know the place value in addition
•Experience the power of Math2
•Extend to the future

Problem Solving

Multiple Levels of Reason and Judgement

Multiple Levels Analytical Skills

•Draw Figure
•Draw Linear Graph
•Extend to Algebraeic Analysis

Logic & Fun

•Connecting Square Puzzles
•Geometry Composition and Proportions
•Composition and Linking Cubes
•The Numbers Game
•Rotating Spacial Correspondance

Everyday Life

•Linear Measure

Learning System

•Student Evaluation Test (S.E.T.)
•Adjustment Period

About Class

•Self-movivated Learning system
•Workbook Review
•Conference Arrangement
•Starting Age
•Class Length
•Class Size




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