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How is Math Squared different from other Math programs?

Posted on February 28, 2009 at 8:42 PM

Most other Math programs employ rote memory and repetitious practice systems. While these techniques are great at building computation speed and accuracy, they do not promote analytical thinking and many students find the work uninteresting. Additionally, many of the other programs available were developed in other countries. The English translations of these foreign programs can be confusing for students and they are often inconsistent with the Math curriculum taught in American schools. Math Squared, on the other hand, follows the requirements set out by the California Board of Education. Our colorful workbooks and fun manipulative tools engage children. Our well-rounded program not only teaches students how to compute math functions with speed and accuracy, it teaches students to understand the concepts behind these math functions. Math Squared also teaches children to think independently, builds spatial reasoning skills, and develops analytical skills.

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