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How is Math Squared going to help my child?

Posted on February 28, 2009 at 8:38 PM

Students who struggle with math do so because they do not understand the foundational concepts behind math functions. Through fun and stimulating activities, students will learn the concepts they need, to first catch up to their grade level, and then excel beyond. Through the Math Squared program, your child will build self-confidence and learn to enjoy math. For those students who already excel in Math, our workbooks will challenge them to see old problems from a fresh perspective. Math Squared builds analytical and reasoning skills that school curriculums often fail to teach. Our program will allow advanced students to move ahead of their schoolmates and better prepare them for advanced math classes in junior high and high school. After about 3 months at Math Squared, most children see a general improvement in grades. Students develop observational, analytical, and independent learning skills that will benefit them in all areas of study.

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