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What is Math Squared?

Posted on February 28, 2009 at 9:05 PM

Math Squared is a new and innovative math program that empowers children by teaching fundamental math skills. Through our twice-a-week sessions using our unique curriculum, your child will come to understand foundational math concepts, sharpen their logic skills, and learn to look at problems from a new perspective. Math Squared is geared to foster a multitude of skills with particular concentration in the areas of: concept building, application and problem solving, computation speed and accuracy, and logic and geometric composition skills.

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  • "My son is very proud of what he has accomplished at Math Squared and enjoys doing the math problems that other kids in his first grade classroom cannot do. Most of all, he is ve..."
    Yucui C
  • "Sarah has shown increasing interest in mathematics since she started studying in the Davis Math Squared Learning Center. Creative thinking and persistent problem-solving skills..."
    Biao W